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Getting Started 101

Getting started on a brand new server, with so many different features can be daunting, but this guide will teach you all of the basics to hopefully assist in your Journey.

Basic Server Features

Skin and Sound Fix is available at:
The server provides many features to brand new and starting players. The main addition on the server that affects gameplay is the plugin known as Towny that allows players to create there own official towns, and protect them automatically from outsiders. A player may not create a town until they apply or automatically get the rank Citizen (More Info Below) but may join a town. Players without towns are recommended to use the /random command to randomly tp away from spawn and not teleport random unknown players to your base. If you do however get griefed, we can rollback any possible damage.

Basic Facts and Commands

/town help - List Help commands
/afk - Away from Keyboard Status
/warp shop - Teleport to shop
/warp market - Teleport to market
/spawn - teleport to spawn
/random - Teleport randomly
/ignore (ign) - ignores a player