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Our staff team works hard to keep the server working 100% functionally and keep the server as carefree for all the players possible. Here we list all our custom features and technologies that are being used to run the server, alongside information on what we use to host.

Discord Bot

Retro Minecraft Statistics and Discord Bot
One of our more interactive features that we started work on in late 2018 was the implementation of a fully custom API system, which is used to served a multitude of different game information to JSON allowing for other programs made by us and the community to easy pull Data on players who play on the server. The API has the ability to show the stats of all players who have played on the server, showing how many blocks placed, destroyed, money, group and many more factors. This information is being used also on the Website, and other systems as well but most importantly the Discord Bot that Is able to retrieve and use all this information.